The Greatest Mantra
ADVANCED Meditation - Ommm Mantra Ahhh Mantra for instantly changing your life and charging your CHI Manifesting Power

There are soo many things we do repeatedly in our lives that sabotage our success. Most of these things are exactly the same habits. They may include, always being late, perpetual low self esteem, diving into depression, overspending, chemical addictions, food addictions, wasting our chi, etc...

Overnight, literally overnight, all these negative beliefs and habits can be washed clean by using a mantra. Then you will be free to succeed and attain any goal you desire.

A mantra is literally translated as "magic spell," from the original sanscrit. In the western worlds, we think of a spell as something that forces someone to do something outside of their will. But the opposite can be true too. A spell, like the one Jesus cast onto the "evil doer" on the cross to his right, "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise," actually opens eyes and empowers.

So stop thinking of the word spell in ONLY a dark way, where there is dark there is light too.

When people go to psychologists and hypnotists, they commonly ask for a "suggestion" or to be put under a "trance" to live happier, smarter, more successful lives. What most don't realize is that they already have a trance - to be unhappy, stupid, and unsuccessful. So adding an opposing trance on top of the first will only make them bipolar. What they really need is a trance awakening - a freeing from all trances.

Viewers of our popular meditation techniques videos frequently say, "Your videos have changed the way I see the world and make my day unusually successful but it only seems to last for that one day. How do I keep that winning streak going?" (ACTUAL VIEWER EMAIL)

Before I give you the answer, I'll tell you why the changes you see only last one day. While you are awake, you have some anount of consciousness or willful control of your mind. When you sleep, you loose it all. The negative beliefs that you grew up with all your life start echoing back in your mind like ghosts trapped in a tunnel. So every night, as you sleep, you must stay conscious and "awake."

Use of Secret Mantras In History by Yogis and Royalty

Generally, only grand yogis can sleep while remaining spiritually "awake." or conscious. So for the rest of us, you can use a secret technique that these Zen Masters, Taoist Masters and Yogis have been teaching their closest students for millenia: "Fall asleep to the words of your personal mantra and wake up to it."

Throughout time, kings and the wealthy would have sages and servants whisper their own secret mantras to them all day long. One example is when Julius Caesar would stand before his people, his citizens would chant, "Caesar is our God!" So he had a sage constantly whisper in his ear, "You are but only a man." This was wise because it gave him the yin and the yang for balance.

You however have a greater luxury than these kings and emperors had, you don't have to have a servant stand over your bed all night long watching you sleep. You have an ipod and a stereo system.

So now that you know you have a "mantra whisperer" where do you get your mantra?

Download the MP3 NEW! ADVANCED Goal Achievement CHI Power Mantras
if you have not already downloaded the basic meditation mantras, start with those first.

Most people currently have self-sabotage mantras in their mind. You likely do too unless you aree a truly enlightened being (there may be a few dozen of them on earth at this time). Many of the negative self-sabotage thoughts have been planted into your subconscious for years like broken shards of glass. If you have ever wondered what's holding you back, then you will benefit greatly from the NEW! ADVANCED Goal Achievement CHI Power Mantras. It simply opens and empowers your subconscious mind while you sleep.

The basic meditation mantras were for direct specific issues in your life but only had narrow application and effectiveness. They were designed to give you a "light feel" for how much you could change your life. The Advanced Goal Mantras effect everything in your life. They are the most powerful mantras handed to us from the greatest beings to touch our lives (Jesus included).

These Mantras are totally audible and based completely on ancient Taoist Scripts, Buddhist Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, The Torah, and the Christian New Testament. But no mantra is religious. Remember, spiritual wisdom was there BEFORE religion was here. Your life will change the very next morning and every day after... Namaste-Shalommm...

  Directions: Before you fall asleep, visualize just one goal. Fall asleep with that image in your mind as you play these words for exactly 9 days. If you skip a night, you must start all over. (why?) It is especially important to hear these words during the REM phase of sleep. (download the mp3)

I thank all my experiences today for aligning with my purpose or revealing my will to do so. I now close this day and welcome a complete renewal in sleep. I will now travel to the deepest level of sleep to align the universe with my will and my will with the universe...

"Our source and beginning in the nothingness, let all what am that am be perfect. Let the perfect order with peace and harmonious acceptance of the unmanifest be manifest for my senses to see feel taste smell and hear. Let wealth with joyful prosperity fill my life. All the while, Let I keep mastery over the physical.

Om, namo, baghavate vasudeva-ya. (download the mp3)

I now realize that the universe is one. I now feel that the universe is one. I now realize that all that i want is already within me. I now feel that all that i will is part of me. I let my wants and desires become fulfilled. They are my tools, I am free from them.

I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste wealth, health, joy, peace, love, fulfillment, power, and courage, everywhere within and without me.

Ek ong kar sat nam shiri wahe guru (download the mp3)

I now recognize and see all the spiritual mental psychological shackles that hold me back. I thank them for calling out to me for so long until now. I let them all go free as I am done using them. I am reborn as free as water and wind.

Shim ka yet kad desh she ba shah ma yeem a vee noo elohim. (download the mp3)

To Download the MP3 Version of the NEW! ADVANCED Goal Achievement CHI Power Mantras, Donate... (listen on autorepeat all night as you sleep for instant changes in your life and power the very next day. It works because the thoughts and mantras that echo through your dreams will now be neutralized by these new positive mantras. Simple)

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