Over the years, since my first youtube video, thousands of open minded people have supported myself and the movement to make mysteries simple. Over the last several thousands of year, the ruling class learned the secrets of power from the mystics.

In the Gael States, the Druids held many secrets of power. In the African nations, it was the shaman who held the power of forseeing the future and effecting nature. In the Germanic and British tribes, the Templar Knights held the secrets of manipulating reality. In the Jewish culture, it was the Kabbalistic Rabbi. And in Asia, the Taoists.

These secrets are what give kings, presidents and emperors their power. Why else would they architect their nation's capitols and architecture using sacred geometry? See: DC | France | London

Here's the important part. There we tend to fear what we don't understand. It's natural. There are many conspiracy theorists out there who say all sorts of fear based things. Once you understand the secrets of patterns in sacred geometry, you'll realize that there's really nothing sacred about it at all.

Enjoy the journey. - Wan

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What is Hunger?


What does hunger become if, instead of satisfying it, you embrace it and intensify it?

Most people never get to answer that question above. We live in a society where discomfort is considered pain. We live in a society where pain is considered suffering.

In the old martial way, a warrior would embrace "healthy pain," as his way to energize himself. He would stand in the most neurologically painful horse stances or asanas (in sanskrit) for hours in order to pump fresh high voltage chi through his nervous system.

This process made his nerves quantum leaps sharper, keener, more sensitive. He could hear footsteps in a remote valley, He could hear breathing in the next village over. He could even feel the intentions of those he passed by on the roads.

The martial artist applied the alchemy of transmuting his "hunger" to stand up into ghostly power.

If you don't believe me, try standing in horse stance for one hour. You'll see how much sharper your senses become. It converts your normal neurology into that of a nuclear reactor.

But you don't have to go that far. Your challenge is much easier...

Before I scare you away by making you think that you have to do some extreme deadly martial art, don't worry, loosing weight is much easier than becoming an immortal martial artist.

But I'm not going into that quite yet. Let's really drill down the concept of what is hunger.

Every chance I get, If i chance upon a successful person in his or her field, I ask them about their drive, their motivation, their power source. They all answer the same way.

One of the men I met owned several houses, had atleast a Bentley and a Ferrari in each, and hopped between these homes weekly. Don't focus on the material stuff here. Focus on the fact that he came from inner city chicago. He and his mother shared one can of tuna a day for many days. When they were lucky, they could afford some 20 cent ramen.

This man experienced hunger.

Instead of filling that hunger by begging or stealing to eat, he went into himself. He went into self realization. He started writing poetry. He started writing music. His work was filled with excruciating hunger. Hunger flew like shrapnel from every syllable, every note, and every beat.

He refused to fill his hunger with food. He filled his hunger with achievement. He relished every opportunity to hear someone stomp on his dreams. He enjoyed every negative person who told him he would never make it. The added his hunger - his desire to reply and to fight back - to his hunger for physical food.

He told me, "If someone tells me I can't do something, I say, "thank you." You've just given me the power to do it." (No, it wasn't Kanye West. I just used his picture because I want to keep the identity of the rapper I spoke with private)

Finally, the secret of how to loose weight - the way of the wizard

So now that you have a big picture, now that you've been able to jump to a higher level of mind than the level of mind that created your weight loss problem, here is the alchemy of hunger.

Every energy, regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant, is still pure energy. You can intensify that energy and compress it. Once it passes the point of greatest compression, it turns into something quite different. It turns into a higher energy. Your hunger for food turns into a hunger for vastly more valuable things. Your hunger for food, as long as you DO NOT satisfy it, turns into a starving for self-esteem, success, health, beauty, material comforts like a beautiful home and car.

Let's do an experiment right now to see alchemy in action by compressing breath energy until it turns into a real magical living ball. This is a simple example of how all energy works...

Now that you know how alchemy works from the stories above and by physically creating a physical reality out of a breath energy ball, you are ready to transmute your hunger and food craving energy into high alchemy energy.

Download the "English Mantra for Weight Loss Alchemy" below and play it all night long as you sleep. When you sleep, your subconscious is totally open. So you can absorb new concepts and messages with no resistance. You are basically reprogramming your mind while you sleep. Oh, don't worry, the mantras are not subliminal. They are totally audible. If you listen to them, you'll immediately see and feel why they are so powerful.

If you are not sure how listening to words while you sleep can change your behavior, watch the video: "How to meditate 8 hours a night." Then, download the weight loss mantra for yourself.

English Mantra for Weight Loss Alchemy

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